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If you’ve discovered what seems to be termites on your property you need to call our termite control experts right away! Termites cause so many dollars worth of damage to properties each and every year. This is because they often go undetected as they’re good at being hard to discover or even being mistaken for ants.


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Termite Inspections

In order for our termite control experts to draft a treatment plan for your specific needs we will first have to identify the type of termite. The most common termites in Carmichael are:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Dampwood Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • Formosan Termites

Once we’ve discovered the type of termite we’re dealing with we can draft a plan tailored to your specific situation.

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Harmful Termites in Carmichael

The most damaging and harmful termites in Carmichael are subterranean and drywood termites. Unlike most pests that will typically retreat in colder weather, subterranean termites can be seen during autumn, winter and early spring.

The Carmichael area is subject to significant termite damage and destruction and is probably the reason we’ve received numerous calls these past few months regarding termite control. It’s not uncommon to have a caller suspect ants that in fact turn out to be termites.

This is just another reason we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a routine termite inspection done if you don’t have regular termite control service performed on your property already. Pest Control in Carmichael offer one-time treatments and also regular treatment plans to suit your needs best.

Signs of Termites

Termites can gain access through cracks, joints, any imperfections around the foundation or even service pipes. Most people discover termites by the mud tubes they create. However, there are smaller signs you might notice in a simpler fashion including:

  • Soft floor boards
  • Rippling, staining or bulging of painted wood
  • Hollow sound when tapping a wall or other wood
  • Falling mud or dirt from joints when tapped

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If you suspect a termite problem or have a question about termites give our termite control techs a call at (916) 436-5021 today! They’d be happy to help and we’re to educated our customers on the best pest prevention services so inquire about our preventative maintenance plans as well.

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