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Our pest control team gets many inquiries and questions regarding flea removal options. Fleas are an annoying pest and not a single person should have to live with them.

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Identifying Carmichael Fleas

Fleas are insects without wings with mouth parts adapted for piercing skin and sucking out blood from a host. They are often flat and when killed blood will be seen which is one way many people realize the bug they have just killed is in fact a flea.

Fleas commonly invade the homes with pets. If you’ve noticed your pet scratching a lot lately it might be beneficial to check them. If they also have fleas and the fleas have become infested within your home your pet will need to be treated as well to achieve complete effective flea infestation removal; on our part and yours.

Superior Flea Treatments

Treating fleas in your home with in-store products can be very time-consuming and frustrating. It takes several applications and different methods to completely remove them all because they can easily become embedded in carpet and furniture. Vacuuming helps but doesn’t always catch all the fleas. For every flea discovered there are most likely many more that are not found and don’t get treated.

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If you think you may have fleas in your home call our flea control experts today. Pest Control in Carmichael handles many flea cases and are more than happy to take on the role of exterminating the pests for you. Call (916) 436-5021  today to learn more about our flea control service, prices and removal process.

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